Portable LED-An Innovation To Lights


Led lights came in various shapes and sizes. An innovation to LED bulbs is the new portable led light. Portable led lights can be used for multiple purposes as they can be easily carried anywhere. They are required in everyday life to fulfill your basic light needs. It works like a torch, although it is much more efficient than a torch. They are a must requirement during the application of electrical appliances, during plumbing, and even at construction sites. They are also required for automotive maintenance and house remodeling or wiring. They are of necessity in places where there may be a shortage of electricity. You can find the best portable LED at revolveled; get yours now!

Features of portable LED light

Portable LED work light operates at 119V ac wall outlet. They can be carried in a vehicle or can be powered 13Vdc socket adapter. It has the ability to stay cool if you touch the portable light without getting heated for hours. Portable LED light comes with a lifetime guarantee and has a rating of up to 29000 hours. LED as your light source can cut your electricity usage and even slim your electricity bills. Portable LEDs can operate in temperatures ranging from -39 to 104F. It has the ability not to dim its light even when it has been working for hours.

Types of Portable LED light

There are two types of portable LED lights.

Portable LED work light

A Portable LED light has a handle on its top. Portable LEDs can be quickly moved to places. You can store it in your car, or you can take it with you anywhere you like, as it is convenient. It can be used for work or even for domestic use. You can even take it on road trips. A Portable LED light can be turned on in your car. During electricity shortages, it has enough light to light up your room. These are often used for plumbing or in areas where adequate lighting is not present.

Dual-head portable work light

As known by its name, it has two lights attached to one system. They are an alternative to halogen work lights. They operate only at 59 watts. Its most significant benefit is that it allows light into alternate directions. They have an input voltage of about 119V and an output wattage of 59W. Dual-head portable work light operates efficiently and effectively in a vast range of temperatures. Its temperature ranges from -40 to 105F. They are an effective way of providing light at places with no lights and at two places simultaneously. They are a must for emergencies.

Benefits of portable LED light

  • Portable lights are very handy and can be carried around at places easily.
  • They are best for harsh or emergency situations.
  • They provide much more light than torches or flashlights.
  • They have a long life span and greater efficiency.
  • It does not emit any UV or heat.
  • It can operate perfectly even on low voltage.


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